Megan has been doing hair for 11 years and she started Cosmetology school at the young age of 17. After working at 2 other hair salons, Megan is now a Manager here at Addiction. Her mom was a hairstylist so she always knew she wanted to that as well. Megan taught herself to braid on her horses tail when she was in 4th grade.

Megan’s favorite part about being a hairstylist is that it gives her an opportunity to talk with her clients as she makes them feel and look beautiful. If she wasn’t a hairstylist, you would find her as a Marriage and Family therapist. She loves that her clients feel comfortable coming to her with advice. Her favorite services are extensions and styling, because it really shows the final product. Megan is reminded of how much she loves doing hair after every client, she enjoys seeing their smiling face and knowing she made them happy.
But of course, like every stylist, Megan’s least favorite part about being a hairstylist is that all her friends expect her to do their hair last minute when they are getting ready for a night out. Her favorite part about Addiction is that it has a very relaxed and modern vibe,giving her a place she can bring her clients where they can feel pampered.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on kittens, these are a few of her favorite things! Megan likes Roses, Horses, the color purple, Mastros Restaurant and In N Out Burgers. She has a Frenchie and a Scottish Fold, But if a horse could fit in her yard she would definitely have one as well.

Megan’s Number one piece of advice for her clients is to blow-dry your hair 100% dry or it will never stay!