• Sunny Woodall-Owner/Stylist
  • Karla Larsen-Salon Manager/Stylist/Make Up Artist
  • Alex Dunlap-Stylist
  • Amanda Sweere-Stylist/ Make up Artist
  • Diane Felthaus-Stylist/ Make up Artist
  • Jessica May-Esthetician/ Make up Artist
  • Katie Mastro-Stylist/ Make up Artist
  • Laurie Sim-Stylist
  • Megan Phillips-Stylist
  • Michelle Gilbert-Stylist
  • Samantha Stephens-Stylist
  • Shelley Bartlett-Stylist


Sunny Woodall

Why this industry? I wanted to build an empire around making people feel beautiful.

Favorite Service? Blondes, Ombres and Extensions!

Favorite Product? Addiction Dry Oil

Hobbies? Work & Family

One word to describe yourself? Commited

Alex Dunlap

Why this industry? The opportunity to be creative and making people feel good about themselves

Favorite Service? I love a good Ombre/Bayalage and a tailored men’s cut

Favorite Product? Unite Lazer Straight and Redken’s Fashion Work

Hobbies? Hot yoga, hanging with my pug Royal, riding bikes, and exploring new hip places

One word to describe yourself? Adventurous


Amanda Sweere

Hair History: 13+ years.  Started school at 16 1/2 and worked in salons since.  My great grandma and grandma both did hair and inspired me to do so as well.

Certifications: Global Keratin, Brazilian Blowout

Product I Can’t Live Without: Purology Shampoo & Conditioner

Eric Ortega

Why this industry? I just love a good transformation. When a client feels confident and loving her hair, it always make my day!

Favorite Service? Bayalage is my favorite because there are so many ways you can tweak it to each person. Love styling hair and giving the hair a nice curl.

Favorite Product? Kenra Blow Dry Spray. It’s Amazing!

Hobbies? Always love going to Disneyland to eat a turkey leg and a churro.

One word to describe yourself? Caring


Diane Felthaus

Why this industry? I enjoy the creativity of the industry and making people look and feel beautiful.

Favorite Service? I really enjoy the challenge of a good color correction.

Favorite Product? Unite 7 Seconds Detangler

Hobbies? Heavy weightlifting, reading, hanging with my baby boys.

One word to describe yourself? Kindhearted

Jessica May

Why this industry? I love to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin!

Favorite Service? Brows, Brows, Brows!

Favorite Product? Epicuren Hydrating Coconut Milk

Hobbies? Board games and watching soap operas.

One word to describe yourself? Passionate

Katie Mastro

Why this industry? I chose this industry because I love to get to use my creativity to make others feel and look amazing. I have always loved doing hair and makeup and it runs in my family so it just came easy to me.

Favorite Service?

My favorite service would be anything to do with color. Every person has hair unique to them and it is always an accomplishment to achieve something you and your client envision together.

Favorite Product? My favorite product is Seven Armure Leave-in Conditioner. It smells amazing and makes the hair soft and shiny.

Hobbies? I enjoy watching scary movies and reading in my spare time.

One word to describe yourself? Patient

Laurie Sim

Hair History: Graduated from Paul Mitchell, and I assisted for six months before venturing out on my own.  I learned quite a bit from the two stylists I assisted for.

Hometown: Orange County born & raised.

My Best Assets: Precision cutting, fashion color, color placement, finishing styles, men’s cut

Michelle Gilbert

Hair History: Graduated from Salon Success Academy and assisted at Addiction Salon for 8 months.

Certifications: Cosmo certification, Brazilian Blowout, Hot Heads Extensions

Hometown: Orange

Products I Can’t Live Without: Addictions Amazon Oil and Kevin Murphy’s Repairing Shine Mist


Beatrice Melchior

 Why this industry? Since I was a kid I loved doing hair and I was really good at it. My life goal was to be in the production industry for hair and makeup. I now get the best of both worlds in this salon and on set.

Favorite Service? Blowouts and Styling

Favorite Product? 7 seconds

Hobbies? Going to concerts

One word to describe yourself? Fierce!


Brittany Lehman

Why this industry? It’s always changing and keeping me on my toes. Ten years behind the chair and never a dull moment

Favorite Service? Special Occasion Styling

Favorite product? Unite 7 Seconds Detangler – my right hand and go to!

Hobbies? Sewing & Crafting

One word to describe yourself? Confident